Home Design

Dress'up Décoration home design

Our Workshop allows us to understand your new identity by redesigning your layout
by rethinking the optimization of your living space because we know how to combine materials and colors while respecting the architectural style, we we deliver targeted and personalized advice.

First date

We establish together the objectives that you wish to achieve and the missions expected of the agency. It is recommended to communicate as many elements as possible (sketches, images, plans, PLU ..) in order to better identify your wishes and put them in place to obtain a harmonious whole

Before Project

It includes a project plan per floor, a demolition plan, one or two sections, 3D views of the project (excluding choice of materials), 3D axonometric view per level, summary notice of the work.

Market file

In collaboration with a design office, it will offer you a business consultation file; this one has for objective of selecting the best companies in each field producing the best quality/price ratio.

The statement

In order to fulfill our objectives, we carry out a pre-measured and photographic survey of the premises It is mandatory and necessary for accuracy in the development of the project

Before detailed project

It is quite precise and is made up of several parts: a project plan per floor, a projected electricity plan, radiator plan,
Water heater and service duct, floor layout plan, nomenclature of materials.


Harmonize, arrange, furnish, optimize space, change the perception of an interior. We create for you a decor that will meet your functional and aesthetic expectations.

Transcription of the existing plan in 3D

We present two 3D layouts which serve as a working basis and which will make it possible to modify or adapt the project

Work authorization

In the event that the project requires a DP or work permit, the agency takes charge of this mission

Real estate valuation

We put our ideas, our advice, our skills and our experience at the service of your project in order to give future potential buyers the perspective of projecting themselves into this acquisition.